Alliance Therapy Group - Therapy & DWI Services
Alliance Therapy Group is licensed and authorized by the State of North Carolina to provide Out Of State DWI Program Case Management services.
Everyone convicted of DWI in North Carolina (NC) is required to obtain a substance abuse assessment and complete the DWI education/counseling program recommended as a result of that assessment. If you have a NC DWI but live in another state, you are allowed to complete this requirement in your home state under two conditions:

1) The DWI program you complete in your home state must meet the minimum requirements of NC guidelines that govern DWI programs.

2) You must hire a NC-licensed/authorized DWI agency to case manage your home
state DWI program. This involves making sure it meets NC requirements, collection of required documents, and handling the clearance process with the NC Division of Motor Vehicles by submitting the proper paperwork on your behalf. Only a NC-licensed/authorized DWI agency may submit the necessary paperwork. (The 508-R form, which Alliance will complete and submit proves to the NC DMV that you have completed a DWI assessemnt and program that meets NC standards.)