Alliance Therapy Group - Therapy & DWI Services
If you have received a Driving While Impaired (DWI) charge or conviction, the road ahead may seem daunting and at times confusing.  At Alliance we assist you in navigating the process of getting the necessary substance abuse assessment and resulting education/treatment and documentation necessary to reinstate your license. 
Our goal, first and foremost, is to address your needs regarding your mental health, however we also recognize that individuals may receive a DWI as a result of poor decision making rather than as a result of a mental health diagnosis, in either situation our goal is to assist you in reinstating your license in a nonjudgmental, respectful manner with minimal hassle.  Alliance Therapy Group is an authorized North Carolina State provider of DWI services, meaning, that our office can provide the services necessary for you to get your driver's license reinstated once you've met the required assessment and any education/ treatment and legal requirements.
In addition Alliance Therapy Groups will work with you in the event you are not a North Carolina resident, to help you navigate the system and provide you the necessary assessment and paperwork required by the NC-DMV.
For further information and State requirments please visit: