Alliance Therapy Group - Therapy & DWI Services
Frequently Asked Questions regarding DWI Services:
"My assessment shows I don't have any problems with alcohol or drugs, why do I still have to go through all of this?"
If DWI the assessment shows "no problem with alcohol or drugs" and other criteria are met (i.e. low BAC, no refusal to blow, first offense, etc.), the person may be recommended for a DWI education program at the very minimum.  If however, an alcohol or drug problem is diagnosed or other criteria are present (i.e. BAC .15 or higher, refusal to blow, multiple offenses, etc.), the person may be recommended for one of four treatment program levels, depending on their individual clinical need.
"I had a DWI in NC in 1999 and I've had a non NC  license (a license from another state) for years, but now I'm told because NC has suspended me, my current state won't renew my non NC license. What's going on, how can I fix this?"
This means the client obtained the non NC license before the NC-DMV entered the client's license suspension on the National Driver Registry (NDR), a database where the various state DMVs enter names of people suspended in their respective states.

Common reasons for entry on the NDR: failure to appear, failure to pay fines or fees, failure to have completed a DWI program, etc. Whenever a person applies for a license, that state's License Office or DMV checks the NDR for entries, for 'stops' on the applicant's license eligibility.  If a suspension is recorded for NC, most states will refuse to allow you to apply for licensure or make any changes to your license, such as renewal, motorcycle endorsement, etc. in that state.
In order to rectify the situation and become eligible for your driver's license in your current state, you must clear the NC DWI from the NDR. You can do this by following the guidelines listed on our website for "Non- NC residents with a NC DWI"
Note: NC did not join the National Driver Register till after the establishment of the Homeland Security Agency (post 9/11/01), so clients may have succeeded in obtaining a license in other states because that state was unable to access that client's license suspension in NC. They were suspended in NC all along however.
"I had a NC DWI and I completed the required program in my home state (not NC.) That agency sent my paperwork to the NC-DMV but my license eligibility is still considered suspended in NC, so my state won't issue my license, What's the problem?"
The NC DMV will only accept proof of completion for DWI assessments and the subsequent education/treatment programs from a NC licensed/authorized provider and only with the correct forms. Only a NC-licensed DWI agency may submit the the correct forms.  NC DMV will not accept any DWI program completion documents from out of state agencies, individuals, or attorneys. The NC law requires individuals to hire a licensed and authorized NC DWI agency to provide Out Of State DWI Case Management services (to include completing and submission of all necessary forms.)
"I had a DWI conviction in NC and I had an assessment here in my home state, but my state assessment said I didn't need any DWI education or treatment.  But NC is still reporting to the NDR that my license is suspended. What's the problem?"
Remember, NC requires everyone convicted of DWI to obtain an assessment and complete a DWI program (either the minimum of education and/or treatment services, as indicated by the assessment.)  It may be that the state performing your DWI assessment was not aware of NC laws governing DWI convictions and the required education and/or treatment as outlined in the NC statutes.

If the assessment shows "no problem with alcohol or drugs" and other criteria are met (low BAC, no refusal to blow, first offense), the person is recommended for a DWI education program. If an alcohol or drug problem is diagnosed or other criteria are present (BAC .15 or higher, refusal to blow, multiple offender), the person is recommended for one of four treatment program levels, depending on clinical need.
Please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have concerning the process to clear your driving record after a DWI, we will do our very best to answer all questions and will provide you a confidential, non-judgmental environment to explore all the options available to you.