Alliance Therapy Group - Therapy & DWI Services
It is our philosophy that individuals often possess their own solutions and often need only a therapeutic alliance to discover them.
Our clinical orientation as therapists consists of an eclectic approach tailored to your needs. We are person-centered foremost, focusing on viewing your world through your values and belief system. Then we blend proven cognitive and behavioral methods appropriately. We subscribe to Motivational Interviewing to address addiction/relapse prevention as well as 12 step facilitation. We also employ numerous behavioral methods to help with relaxation and stress reduction, including Mindful awareness, meditation and exercise.
In these times of economic and spiritual upheaval, we are acutely aware of the plethora of interpersonal conflicts stemming from cyber addiction, specifically internet pornography that contributes to the strain, and often destruction, of relationships. Alliance Therapy Group is dedicated to providing clinically proven techniques to successfully address compulsive behavior and resolve conflicts, betrayal and violations of trust.  
You and your therapist will collaborate on an effective, step by step treatment plan to address your goals for therapy. We know your most important need is feeling heard and unconditionally accepted as a person. We strive for that most of all in our relationship with our clients. Then we focus on teaming up with you for real solutions to problems and healthier ways to cope with them.
Working through that very real process of gaining new eyes, together, we can help you arrive at happiness, relief from emotional pain and anxiety as well as recovery from addiction.
Additionally, we can provide guidance and supervision to new master level counselors as required by the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors.